2014 Rose Parade presented by Honda

Dreams Come True

Float Entry


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Float Sponsor Company or Organization:  
Public Storage
Company or Organization Website Address:  
Float Builder Company: Paradiso Parade Floats
Float Theme : Adventures in Space
How/Why Theme Was Chosen:  
Public Storage makes their Rose Parade® debut by treating audiences to "Adventures in Space." The company is pulling out all the stops for their inaugural float. They will be giving back to the community with a fun-loving crowd-pleaser that is sure to be one of the highlights of the parade.
How Float Theme Relates to Parade Theme:  
Public Storage's inaugural entry features a trio of aliens whose dream of finding life in the universe has finally come true with their discovery of planet Earth.
Number of Years in Rose Parade:  
Float Award Received Last Year:  
Public Storage makes their Rose Parade® debut this year.
Float Designer's Name: Charles Meier
Float Concept Description:  
Public Storage's first ever float in the Tournament of Roses® offers a playful pun on the company's stock in trade. Titled, "Adventures in Space," the design features a trio of fun-loving extraterrestrials steering a gigantic spacecraft through the streets of Pasadena. For the aliens, discovering life on planet Earth is a dream come true. The friendly visitors eagerly introduce themselves to the Earthlings lining the parade route. There's more than meets the eye to this inventive design. The animated entry has an exciting surprise in store for parade audiences. Stay tuned for the big reveal on New Year's Day!
Construction Height: 22'-45'
Construction Width: 18'-26'
Construction Length: 55'-100'
Flowers and Dry Materials Used for Decorating:  
A vast array of flowers gives this float its technicolor appearance. 35,000 individually applied lime green button chrysanthemums create the aliens' glowing green complexions. The design incorporates a vivid spectrum of rose varieties including Miracle, Voodoo, Hot Lady, Topaz, High and Magic, Super Green and Cool Water. Over 50,000 carnations in neon hues decorate the fanciful spacecraft.
Estimated Number of Flowers Used (by type):  
Due to the intricacy of the design and the large number of moving parts, this complex entry features over 10,000 square feet of surface area -- all decorated by hand entirely in botanical materials.
Unique or Unusual Use of Decorating Materials:  
Green apples, oranges, limes, red cabbage, Bells of Ireland, cattleya orchids, liatris and Midori anthurium provide whimsical textural accents.
Description of Float Animation:  
The heads of the aliens turn and the wheels of the spacecraft rotate while the jet engines puff smoke. The float also features an big surprise that will remain a closely guarded secret until parade day. Complex engineering and extensive hydraulic animation make this one of the most dramatic entries in the parade. For a detailed description of the surprise animation, please contact Gwen Robertson. Email: sponsorservices@paradisoparadefloats.com Phone: 626.272.1702
Construction or Mechanical Innovations:  
After 125 years of Rose Parades, it is no small task to come up with an original idea, but Public Storage has done just that. This entry is one of the most ambitious designs to appear in the parade. The float features several ground-breaking "firsts" that will only be publicly revealed on New Year's Day. For a detailed description of design innovations, please contact Gwen Robertson. Email: sponsorservices@paradisoparadefloats.com Phone: 626.272.1702
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Company/Organization Information:  
Additional Information of Interest to the Public:  
Public Storage's entry was designed by Charles Meier and built by Paradiso Parade Floats. Paradiso is the Rose Parade's newest float builder, now entering its second year. Meier dreamed up this unique concept while still in high school. Nearly 20 years later, Public Storage brings that dream to life.