2014 Rose Parade presented by Honda

Dreams Come True

Float Entry


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Float Builder Company: Phoenix Decorating Company
Float Theme : Everlasting Love
How/Why Theme Was Chosen:  
In keeping with this year’s parade theme, “Dreams Come True”, eHarmony has named its float “Everlasting Love”, honoring the mission of the company’s founder, Dr. Neil Clark Warren – to help everyone find their “Everlasting Love”.
How Float Theme Relates to Parade Theme:  
Everlasting Love is a Dream Come True for over 1.2 million people who have been happily married using eHarmony. Nine-time Grammy Award winner Natalie Cole is singing from the float her hit song "This Will Be (an everlasting love)." In honor of the themes of the float and the parade.
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Float Designer's Name: Michelle Lofthouse
Float Concept Description:  
eHarmony's first-ever entry into the Rose Parade is a beautiful floral extravaganza. An outdoor canopy of flowers that leads to an enclosure that overlooks a creek that is complete with a boat and features swans. The canopy is complete with butterflies and long tailed finches that hover around the topiary.
Construction Height: 30
Construction Width: 18
Construction Length: 55
Flowers and Dry Materials Used for Decorating:  
GAZEBO ROOF (top to bottom) Top finial – white fine cut everlasting; small roof top – shiny grey silverleaf; eaves – dark grey poppy seed, light grey lettuce seed; windows – black seaweed; medium roof top – shiny grey silverleaf; eaves – dark grey poppy seed; flex piece – white fine cut everlasting; hearts border – black seaweed, black small beans; background – white fine ground rice; large roof top – shiny grey silverleaf; white edge – white large lima beans; white inside edge – white fine ground rice; inset – dark grey poppy seed; very edge of large roof – white fine ground rice; eaves – dark grey poppy seed; 2nd part of roof (open windows fronts) – white large lima beans; all sides – white fine ground rice; roof top – shiny grey silverleaf; white edge – white fine ground rice; eaves – dark grey poppy seed; all pillars – white fine ground rice; accents – white button mums; border white large lima beans; all roof insides – light grey lettuce seed; floor – tan paper bark; white top edge – white fine ground rice; all railings – white powdered rice; lattice base – white powdered rice; insets – dark grey poppy seed WALKWAY Edge – light grey lettuce seed, green sod; railings and pillars – white powdered rice; green between lattice ceiling – green springeri; rocks – light grey lettuce seed; grout – dark grey poppy seed; bottom edge – dark grey dark lettuce seed; black screens – black onion powder; wooden benches – black onion powder SCUPLTED BIRDS (3) Eyes – black seaweed, white powdered rice; Eyeliners – black onion powder; beaks – black seaweed; thin lines – light grey lettuce seed; head, body & chests – shiny grey silverleaf, white carnation petals, hot pink carnations petals, peach carnation petals; wings – peach carnation petals, shiny grey silverleaf, black ti leaves, white carnation petals, brown flax deed, black seaweed; tails – light grey lettuce seed; long tail tips – white carnation petals, dark grey poppy seed BUTTERFLIES All antennas – black onion powder; all bodies – black onion powder, yellow fine cut strawflower, dark pink fine cut strawflower, green ground split pea, light orange fine ground lentil seed, dark orange ground lentil seed, light yellow ground split pea; all wings – large black = black seaweed, small black = black small beans; backs – black ground onion seed; wings – red small kidney beans, yellow whole split peas, black small beans, gold clover seed, yellow fine cut strawflower, pink fine cut strawflower, bronze fine cut strawflower, white fine cut strawflower, purple fine cut statice, blue fine cut statice, dark green ground parsley flakes, light green ground split pea, dark orange whole lentil seeds, light orange ground lentil seeds, black onion powder, gold flax seed, dark brown coffee, brown whole lentil seeds, cr่me sesame seeds, white small navy beans, brown flax seed, yellow fine ground split pea SCULPTED DOGWOOD FLOWERS Petals – (front) white fine cut everlasting and light grey lettuce seed; (tips) hot pink fine cut statice light pink fine cut strawflower; (center) yellow billy buttons, light green bells of Ireland, yellow button mums; (backs) white fine cut strawflower; stems & calyx – green ground parsley flakes; tree trunks – bronze fine cut strawflower, tan parsnip seed TREES Tops – green sheet moss; backs – green springeri; green accents throughout – green asparagus plumosus, green hanging amaranth, green bells of Ireland; White flowers on top – white roses, white cymbidiums, white mokaras, white hybrid delphiniums, white larkspur, white hydrangeas; accents – white lunaria; Lavender flowers – dark lavender roses, light lavender roses, lavender cymbidiums, lavender hybrid delphiniums, lavender larkspur, burgundy hydrangeas, light lavender dendrobs, lavender cattleyas; Pink flowers – hot pink roses, pink roses, pink “candy fair” cymbidiums, rose pink hybrid delphiniums, dark pink larkspur, dark pink hydrangeas, pink hydrangeas, hot “bom” pink dendrobs, pink “mistine” dendrobs; white spiral accents – white phaleonopsis BOATS Floor – dark grey poppy seed; walls – light grey lettuce seed; seats – white fine cut strawflower; edges – white fine cut strawflower; outsides – white fine ground rice, light lavender carnation petals, light blue iris petals; water around boats – light blue iris, white iris, white cattleyas, white gypsum; water rings – white carnation petals SWANS Eyes – black seaweed and white powdered rice; around eyes – light yellow carnation petals; face – black seaweed; beaks – bronze fine cut strawflower; mouth line – black onion powder; nostrics – black onion powder; heads, necks and bodies – white carnation petals, blue fine cut statice, purple fine cut statice; wings – (outside) white carnation petals and light blue iris petals; (insides) white fine cut everlasting and blue fine cut statice; water around swans – light blue iris, white iris, white cattleyas, white gypsum; water rings – white carnation petals; black pipes – black onion seed; screens – yellow fine cut strawflower, pink fine cut strawflower, dark pink fine cut strawflower, white fine cut strawflower DECKS Hot Pink – green springeri, hot pink roses, hot pink gerberas, pink roses, hot pink carnations Bright Yellow – green springeri, bright yellow roses, gold roses, yellow iris Peach – green springeri, light yellow roses, white roses Light Orange - green springeri, medium orange, orange carnations, peach roses Dark Orange – green springeri, orange roses Pink – green springeri, pink roses White – green springeri, white cattleyas FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS Front – grey Spanish moss, green maiden hair fern, lavender hyacinth, pink hyacinth, lavender stock, green bells of Ireland, pink Canterbury bells, blue/lavender Canterbury bells Rear of boat – grey Spanish moss, white gladiolas, coco stix with rice powder, white cymbidiums, white roses, green bells of Ireland, grey/green small eucalyptus, white starburst mums
Estimated Number of Flowers Used (by type):  
Unique or Unusual Use of Decorating Materials:  
Description of Float Animation:  
Construction or Mechanical Innovations:  
Rider Names: Couples 1. Tory Ryden (48 years old)and Pat Scully (57 years old) (Tor ree Ri den and Pat skully) from Cape Elizabeth, Maine 2. Sally( 26 years old) and Kenton Wong (31 years old) (Sal leee and kent ton Wong) from Alhambra, CA 3. Barb (83 years old) and Walt (83 years old) Smith (Barb and Walt Smith) From Newport Beach, CA 4. Kay Tidwell (36 years old) and Lt. Cmdr. Rich Daniels (36 Years old) (KAA Tid Well and Lou ten nant Co Man der Rich Dan yels) from Los Angeles 5. Dyna (33 years old) and Nehemie Juleus (39 years old) (Dee Na and Nee Hee Mee jewel ious) from Queens, New York 6. Jenny Rodriguez (29 years old) and Rodrigo Granero (29 years old) (Jen nee Rod re gez and Rod ree go gran aero) from Los Angeles 7. John (62 years old) and Vicki (59 years old) Vystricil (John and Vic Key Visterchill) ** Very First Reported eHarmony marriage from Frisco, Texas Talent Natalie Cole (Nata lee Coal )
Outwalker Names: Joe Zink "jough" "sounds like sink") 45 years old Success Couple Liason eHarmony.com
Company/Organization Information:  
eHarmony.com was founded on August 22, 2000 in Pasadena, CA. Now located in Santa Monica, CA eHarmony(www.eharmony.com) is the #1 Trusted Relationship Services Provider in the USA. eHarmony’s patented Compatibility Matching Systemฎ allows eHarmony members to be matched with compatible persons with whom they are likely to enjoy a long-term relationship. Millions of people of all ages, ethnicities, national origins and religious and political beliefs have used eHarmony's Compatibility Matching System to find compatible long-term relationships. Today, an average of 438 eHarmony members marry every day in the United States as a result of being matched on the site. eHarmony is available in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.
Additional Information of Interest to the Public:  
Nine-time Grammy Award winner Natalie Cole will sing her hit song "Everlasting Love" which has been used in many of the eHarmony commercials. She also will sing songs from her new album "Natalie Cole en Espanol"